Women Picking Flowers (2017) | Acrylic on Canvas

Women Picking Flowers (2017) | Acrylic on Canvas

Elise Noël Sydora was born in Houston, Texas. She has resided in a variety of North American cities including Houston, St. John's, Calgary, Berkeley and Chicago. Sydora works predominantly in the medium of mixed media. 

Sydora completed her BFA with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. She has participated in a variety of group exhibitions and her work is contained in numerous private collections throughout North America.

Sydora currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

“I often draw inspiration from the human body. The body is an enigma to me, often filled with contradictions - powerful, yet fragile, resilient, yet vulnerable – the list goes on. My mixed media pieces contain organic and anatomic shapes, and incorporate bright colour palettes that reflect the vibrancy of human life. I enjoy working with oil pastels and water colour paints, as these materials allow me the most flexibility and fluidity when creating my narrative compositions.”